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As one of the top home contractors, we believe home remodeling shouldn’t be complicated. Our 9 step process makes the new home construction process fun & easy!

Step 1

Sample Process

1. Contact our Representative
2. Schedule a Meeting to discuss objectives (With COVID - Zoom meetings are totally fine!)
3. Letali comes out to your location and takes measurements of the rooms to be updated
4. Letali puts together a rendering to show you what the end result could be, along with a bid estimate
5. New Client LOVES bid and rendering and sets up a BuilderTrend Account with Letali
6. Letali sends billing contract and details to client for online approvals
7. Project commences (with usually approximately 1/3 project cost down payment required from client)
8. Work is Ongoing with regular communication on status via in-person meetings as well as documented schedule on Buildertrend application
9. Project is Completed, with client input on punch list for complete satisfaction