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Change Orders - How Does Letali, LLC Handle Change Orders?

All changes to your project will be done through a written Contractual Addendum called a Change Order. These are written by us and executed by you as they occur; this way you will always know what we are doing, and where you stand financially, eliminating surprises at the end of the project. Change Orders are paid for as they occur.

Estimates - Does Letali Provide Free Estimates?

Yes! Our initial conference is free of charge. We can sit with your designer and/or offer our ideas and plans. We will show you wood samples, components and be ready to rough a 3D CAD drawing for you on the spot. You can expect this complimentary meeting to be 2-3 hours.

Finish Please - Does Letali Finish What it Starts?

Completely! We have all heard stories of contractors starting a job and then leaving before its finished or taking forever because they have many projects going at once. We will do absolutely everything possible to keep your project moving along quickly. We often will schedule out a month or two in advance as we will do no more than four kitchens in a month - one at a time from start to finish. This creates a situation where nothing gets rushed or overlooked and we can provide you with the best timetable and craftsmanship possible. You are our priority. However, unforeseen conditions (i.e. decayed framing, hidden plumbing in the way, bad electrical wiring etc) can interrupt the time table.

Move or Stay - Should You Consider Moving Out During the Remodel?

No, not usually. Remodeling can be very inconvenient and messy, especially when it comes to interior living spaces like kitchens and libraries. However, most of our projects are completed while our clients live in their homes. We will tent off the work space and thoroughly clean-up the site each evening. We will discuss your specific situation prior to scheduling your project.

Price Is It Fixed - Should You Anticipate Any Costs Beyond the Contract Price?

Yes, in a word. 5% to 10% is normal in the industry. We average 6%. Sorry, we know you don't want to hear that; however, the reasons are beyond our control and yours! Most remodeling projects do cost more than the original contract price because of unforeseen conditions like decayed framing, hidden plumbing in the way, bad electrical wiring or something old is found in desperate need of repair... the list is long.

However, there are things you can do to control costs. Stick to the design! Plan changes are expensive and last minute upgrades are pricey! But, given our level of experience, we anticipate many problems ahead of time.

Quotations - Does Letali Guarantee Its Prices?

Absolutely! Our quotations are guaranteed for 30 days and as long as the scope of work and specifications don't change.

Scratches - How Can You Repair Minor Scratches or Nicks on Cabinets?

For minor damage to your cabinets' finish, we recommend our touch-up kits. We initially provide one without charge. For repairing larger surface areas, please contact us at 303-859-8959, so that we may fix or replace the damage. There is a charge for this service.

Start Please - Does Letali Start a Project on Time?

We always endeavor to start a project on the date scheduled! We have all heard stories of contractors taking half your money and never starting the job. Call our references. We will start your project on time unless you, your team or your site isn't ready. However, unforeseen conditions (i.e. decayed framing, hidden plumbing in the way, bad electrical wiring etc) can interrupt the time table.